What do Birds do When their Nest is Destroyed

What do birds do when their nest is destroyed

It is sad to see a bird’s nest destroyed. They live there with their young. But what do they do after the bird’s nest is destroyed? Do they build a new nest or leave the area? What do you think? Basically, different birds react differently. In the previous article, we discussed, how to tell if a mother bird abandoned its nest. But today we will discuss what do birds do when their nest is destroyed.

The reason behind destroying the bird nest

  • 1. Extreme weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rains can destroy the bird’s nest.
  • 2. Predators: If predators are around, then they may destroy the bird’s nest in order to get food from the parent birds or they may also eat the eggs of the parents.
  • 3. Human intervention: Sometimes humans destroy nests by building houses nearby. Or sometimes people may destroy the nests for some other reason.
  • 4. Natural disasters: A natural disaster like an earthquake, tornado or hurricane can destroy the bird’s nests.
  • 5. Other reasons: There could be other reasons for destroying the bird’s nest. For example, some people might want to make their garden look more beautiful by removing the nest.

In each breeding season, many birds do not reuse the same nest again. Instead, they use another place to build their next nest. Some species of birds even migrate to find a better place to build their next home.

What do birds do when their nest is destroyed?

When a bird’s nest gets destroyed, it has two options. The first option is that the bird builds a new nest. This is called “rebuilding”. The second option is that the bird leaves its old nest and move to another location. This is called “migration”. Let us discuss these two options in detail.

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If a bird rebuilds its nest, then it means that the bird does not move away from the area where it used to build its nest. When a bird rebuilds its old nest, it uses the materials which were present in the old nest. These materials include grasses, twigs, sticks, etc. They rebuild their nest with more protection than before. In breeding, they lay eggs and hatch them. After hatching, the baby birds stay in the nest until they grow up.



On the other hand, if a bird moves away from the area where it built its nest, then this is called migration. Migration happens when a bird changes its habitat. Migration is very common among birds. Birds migrate because they need to change their environment. Migration helps them to avoid extreme weather conditions, predators, human interference and so on. Migration is a good way to survive.

Some migratory birds travel long distances. Others migrate only short distances. Some migratory birds fly over oceans while others fly over mountains. Migrating birds have special feathers which help them to fly.

There are several types of migrations. We will discuss three types of migrations here.

  • 1. Long-distance migration: This type of migration occurs between continents. Many birds migrate from one continent to another. The most famous examples of such migrations are the European robin and the American Robin.
  • 2. Short-distance migration: This type migrates within a single continent. Most birds migrate within a country. Examples of such migrations are sparrows, starlings and pigeons.
  • 3. Local migration: This type of migration occur within a small region. Examples of such migrations are ducks, geese and swans.
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Do birds mourn the destruction of their nest?

Yes, they do. When a bird loses its nest, it feels sad about losing its home. It may cry out loud or just sit quietly. Sometimes, it may even try to build a new nest. However, it cannot always succeed. If you see a bird sitting alone near its nest, then it probably lost its nest.

How do birds know when their nest is destroyed by humans?

Birds can sense the presence of people around their nests. Humans usually destroy nests during nesting time. So, birds become aware of the danger as soon as they start building their nests.

Do birds reuse the destroyed nest?

No, they don’t. Once a bird’s nest is destroyed, it never tries to use the same material again for building its nest. Instead, it builds a new nest using different materials and designs.

Why do birds migrate?

When a bird migrates, it needs to find food and shelter. Food is necessary for survival. The shelter is needed to protect the bird from harsh weather conditions. A migrating bird finds food and shelter in different places. For example, some birds migrate to warmer regions. Other birds migrate to colder regions. Some birds migrate to forests while others migrate to deserts.

What do I do if a destroyed nest has eggs in it?

If there is no sign of the presence parents’ bird, then you should not touch the nest. You should leave the nest alone. Do not disturb the nest. In case you feel that the nest is empty, then you can remove the eggs. But make sure that you do not break any eggshells. You can contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre. They will take care of the eggs.

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Final thought

Bird is a natural beautiful creature. They live in our surroundings. But if their nest is destroyed, they suffer a lot. We should be careful so that we do not harm these creatures. In this article, we have discussed what do birds do when their nest is destroyed. Hope you like this article.

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