What to feed an injured bird

What to feed an injured bird

How would you react if you found out that an injured bird was in your backyard? Would you be able to help it or would you just leave it there and hope for the best? An injured bird is very helpless, It may not eat for a long time. At this time you want to feed some food to the injured birds but you don’t know what kind of food will be good for them. In the previous article, we discussed where to take ain injured bird. In this article, we will discuss what to feed an injured bird. So, let’s get started!

What to feed an injured bird

1. Feeding of a baby injured bird

Feeding of a baby injured birds

Injured birds are unable to feed themselves. They need immediate care and attention. If they are fed a proper diet then their chances of survival are high. You can feed them with commercial diets or homemade diets. Commercial diets contain all essential nutrients required by an animal. Homemade diets are prepared from natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. These diets are easy to prepare and do not require any special equipment.

2. Feeding of an adult injured bird

Feeding of an adult injured bird

An adult bird is more strong than a baby bird. But if they are injured they cannot move properly. They have lost their strength due to injury. They also lose their appetite because of pain. So, feeding them with normal diet will not give them much benefit. To make them healthy again you should feed them a special diet. This diet contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, etc. The most important thing is that these foods must be rich in protein.

3. Feeding of an old injured bird

Feeding of an old injured bird

Old injured birds are weak and sick. They are unable to fly and walk properly. They are also unable to eat anything. Their body weight is less than half of their original weight. They are also suffering from various diseases. So, feeding them a normal diet won’t give them any benefits. For making them healthy again you should provide them with a special diet. A special diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc.

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4. Feeding a sick injured bird

Sick injured birds are unable to eat normally. They are having difficulty in breathing. They are also experiencing severe pain. Due to this problem, they are unable to drink water. So, you should feed them with a specially formulated diet. Such diets contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other necessary nutrients.

Food item of an injured bird

1. Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of energy for an injured bird. They are easily available at home. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market. You can also grow them at home. You can use different types of fruits and vegetables for feeding an injured bird. Some examples are given below:

a) Apple: Apples are one of the easiest fruit to find at home. You can cut the apple into small pieces and feed them to an injured bird.

b) Banana: Bananas are another common fruit which is easily available at home. Cut banana into small pieces and feed to an injured bird. You can also add sugar to bananas.

c) Carrot: Carrots are very nutritious vegetables. It can help to reduce pain and heal wounds. You can cut carrots into small pieces and feed them to an injured bird. Add some salt to the carrots.

d) Celery: Celery is also good food for an injured bird. You should cut celery into small pieces and feed the same to an injured bird. Do not forget to add salt to celery.

e) Cucumber: Cucumbers are also good food for the injured bird. You can cut the cucumber into small pieces and feed those to an injured bird. Make sure that you don’t feed cucumber to an injured bird who has already eaten something else.

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f) Eggplant: Eggplants are also a good food option for an injured bird. Cut eggplant into small pieces and feed same to an injured bird who is unable to eat anything.

2. Bird food:

Bird food is also a good option for an injured bird who is not able to eat anything. There are many kinds of bird food available in the market. You can choose any type of bird food according to your budget. Some examples are given as follows:

a) Corn: Corn is good food for an older or injured bird. You can feed corn directly to an injured bird. However, make sure that you don‘t feed corn to an injured bird who already ate something else.

b) Rice: Rice is good food for older or injured birds. You can feed rice directly to an injured bird who doesn’t have an appetite.

c) Wheat: Wheat is good food for younger or injured birds. You should feed wheat directly to an injured bird without mixing it with other foods.

3. Water:

Water is essential for all living things including birds. An injured bird needs more water than normal birds. If you notice that your injured bird is drinking less water then you should give it more water. You can keep a bowl full of water near your injured bird. Alternatively, you can put a bucket of water outside your house.

How do I know if my injured bird is hungry?

Birds usually need food every 2-4 hours. If your injured bird is not eating anything then it might be hungry. Try to feed your injured bird again after 4 hours. If there is no change in its behaviour then you may try to feed again after 6 hours.

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What kind of food should I feed to my injured bird?

Different types of food are required by different types of birds. For example, young birds require soft food while old birds prefer hard food. You can feed your injured bird whatever food you want but make sure that you provide enough quantity of food.

Can I feed my injured bird raw meat?

Raw meat is not recommended for feeding an injured bird. The reason behind this is that raw meat contains germs which could cause infection. Instead, you can feed cooked meat to your injured bird.

Is it safe to feed my injured bird with human food?

Yes, it is completely safe to feed your injured bird with human food. But make sure that you don’t feed your injured bird with leftover food from your kitchen. This will only increase the risk of getting sick.

Can I feed my damaged bird with dog food?

No, it’s not safe to feed your injured birds with dog food. Dog food contains chemicals which can harm your bird.

Can I feed my bird with cat food?

It depends on whether your cat has eaten before. If your cat hasn’t eaten before then it is fine to feed your injured bird. Otherwise, it is better to avoid feeding your injured bird with cat food.

Final thought

Feeding an injured bird is very important. It helps them recover faster and get back to their normal life. It helps them gain weight and regain strength. So, always remember to feed your injured bird regularly. In this article, we have discussed what to feed an injured bird and how to know if your injured bird is hungry. We hope that our article helped you a lot!

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