How to Keep Crows Away From Bird Feeders


If you enjoy watching birds from your window, having a birdfeeder outside might be something you’d really enjoy doing. As they eat their food, you feel satisfied by watching the birds in your yard. Besides attracting birds, the birdfeeder can also attract other animals like crows. Crows are very intelligent and will figure out how to get into bird feeders if they want some of the food inside. So, it’s important that you make sure that the crow-proof bird feeder is secure. In the previous article, we discussed, how to protect bird nests from crows. In this blog post, we will discuss how to keep crows away from bird feeders. So, let’s get started.

Why does crow attack, bird feeders?

Crows are known for being smart and clever. They have been observed using tools like sticks or rocks to open up nutshells and crack them apart. They have been seen picking off pieces of seeds while eating. They have even been seen stealing food from the mouths of baby chicks. These observations suggest that crows are highly intelligent creatures. This makes sense because they live in groups called flocks. It has been observed that when there is an abundance of food available, crows flock together and share the food with each other. When there isn’t enough food, they disperse and go find another place where there is more food.

How to keep crows away from bird feeders? some tips-

1. Use an anti-crow device

The first way to prevent crows from getting into the bird feeder is to use an anti-crow device. These devices work by creating a barrier between the crow and the bird feeder. The best one on the market is called Crow Bar. This device has been proven effective at keeping crows away from birdfeeders. It comes with a wire cage that is placed around the bird feeder. When the crows try to enter through the hole, they cannot because there is a wire cage blocking them. You just need to place the wire cage around the bird feeder and attach it using screws or nails.

2. Make use of an ultrasonic pest and bird repellent

Another method for keeping crows away from your bird feeders is to install an ultrasonic pest and animal repellant system. This system emits sound waves that scare away pests such as squirrels, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, etc. However, crows do not respond well to these sounds. But, you still need to make sure that the bird feeder is properly secured before installing the system. This is why you should consider installing this type of bird-repellent device.

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3. Make loud noise and sound

 Make loud noise and sound

If you have crows in your backyard, then you know what happens when they hear loud noises. They immediately run away. So, the next time you see a crow near your bird feeder, make sure that you start making loud noises. Loud noises will scare away crows. And once they’re gone, you’ll no longer have any problems with those pesky crows.

4. Use motion detector sprinklers

 Use motion detector sprinklers

If you don’t have access to ultrasonic pest and bird deterrent systems, then you may want to consider using motion detectors. Motion detectors are great tools for keeping pests away from your home or backyard. With this tool, you can set up motion detection zones throughout your property. Once you detect movement within the zone, you can automatically activate the water sprinkler system. This way, you won’t have to worry about manually turning on the sprinkler every day.

5. Have shiny objects dangled in your yard

Another thing you can do is to hang shiny objects in your yard. Shiny objects can distract crows and other birds from seeing your bird feeder. For example, you can hang a mirror above your bird feeder. Or, you can hang a big piece of metal foil. Both of these items will give off light reflections that will confuse crows.

6. Place a large object in front of the bird feeder

Place a large object in front of the bird feeder

This is a great option you would be placing a large object in front of the bird feeder. Large objects could include rocks, bricks, logs, tree branches, etc. You can even hang a large piece of cloth above the bird feeder so that crows cannot reach it. All you need to do is to ensure that the object is big enough to block the crow’s claws. If you don’t mind spending money, you can buy a large metal pole and put it over your bird feeder. That way, crows won’t be able to climb up the pole and grab onto the bird feeder.

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7. Use a bird net

Bird nets are another common way to keep crows away from your house. You can easily find these online. Just search for “bird net,” and you’ll get thousands of results. Most bird nets come with a mesh size ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches. The smaller the mesh size, the more effective the bird net will be at keeping out crows. If you plan on hanging your bird feeder outside, then you should go for bigger mesh size.

8. Keep your bird feeder close to the ground

When you place your bird feeder, you should always try to place it close to the ground. Crows are very agile creatures, and they can jump really high. Therefore, if you leave your bird feeder far away from the ground, then there is a chance that one of them might be able to reach it.

9. Use a plastic mesh cover

Plastic mesh covers are also an excellent way to protect your bird feeder. When you use a plastic mesh cover, you’ll be preventing crows from reaching your food source. It works by creating a barrier between the birds and the food source.

10. Use a decoy or crow predator

Decoys and crow predators are yet another method for protecting your bird feeder. These methods require a lot of time and effort, though. First, you need to build a fake crow or a decoy. Then, you need to make sure that you hide it well so that the predator doesn’t see it right away. Finally, you need to monitor what happens when the predator sees the decoy. The best part about this method is that it only takes a few hours to set everything up. After that, you don’t have to worry about the whole process anymore.

11. Cover your bird feeder with aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is another simple method of protecting your bird feeder from crows. However, you should know that aluminium foil is not as effective as some of the other methods mentioned. But, it will work fine for small amounts of time.

12. Maintain a clean yard and garden

A clean yard and garden will help deter crows from coming near your bird feeder. Make sure that all of the plants around your home are trimmed properly so that they aren’t sticking into the wires of the bird feeder. Also, remove any weeds or grasses around your bird feeder because those things attract crows too.

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13. Remove the nesting spot

Removing the nesting spot is another way of keeping crows away from your bird feeder. If you notice that your crow has started building its nest under your bird feeder, then you should immediately contact a professional pest control company. They can safely remove the nest without harming the baby birds inside.

14. Place a red flag in front of your bird feeder

Red flags are yet another way to keep crows off of your bird feeder. This method may seem like a joke, but it actually does work. All you have to do is put a red flag in front of your bird feeder every day before placing anything into it.

What happens when we put up a birdfeeder with seeds inside?

The first thing that a crow notice is a seed inside. Once they realize that there’s something edible inside, they start pecking at the container until it breaks. The next step would be to open the lid and eat the entire contents.

How long does it take for a crow to get used to my new bird feeder?

Crows usually adapt to their environment within a couple of days. So, if you’ve just placed your bird feeder, give it a week before checking on how the birds react to it.

Can we use an empty bird cage instead of a real one?

Yes! You can use an empty birdcage to scare away crows. Just place the cage over the area where you want the crow to stay away. It works great if you’re trying to protect your bird feeders from crows.

Can I use pepper spray to drive away crows?

Yes, pepper spray can be used to drive away crows. Spray the area where you want them to go and watch how fast they leave. Remember to wear gloves while spraying it.

Final thought: 

Crows are the most intelligent bird species out there. They are very smart, and they know exactly what they’re doing. Sometimes, it is difficult to away them. In this blog post, we discussed various ways to keep crows away from your house. We hope that these tips helped you in driving away crows. 

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